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No Credit Check*

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Personal Loans

Unlike high street banks and building societies our bad credit lenders do not rely on credit scoring to make lending decisions. So a poor credit history is much less of a problem. Lenders are more interested in:

  • Your current income status - can you afford the loan repayments
  • Whether a family member or close friend trust you enough to back you and guarantee your repayments

With a so-called no credit check personal loan* you can break free of a poor credit history and rebuild your credit rating while getting the credit you need.

Bad Credit Personal Loans:

  • Avoid the impact of a poor credit rating
  • Less reliance on credit scoring
  • Apply for up to £15,000 unsecured
  • Provide someone to guarantee your loan repayments
  • Same day payouts possible
  • Free enquiry service - typically receive 3-4 loan offers
  • Same deals as going direct

£500 to £15,000 for bad credit histories

We have a large panel of lenders who specialise in providing personal loans to people struggling with a poor credit history. Our lenders understand that what you need is a real solution to your situation rather than the simple refusal to lend that banks offer.

What our lenders have done is to find a way to split your credit future from your credit past. By allowing a close friend of a family member - someone who knows you really well - to vouch for you and to support your application you can:

  • get the credit you need now at a lower APR% than other bad credit loans
  • rebuild your credit status so that you can obtain even better interest rates in the future.

Basically you can get yourself back onto the road to a decent credit future. These loans are fully unsecured - if you have repayment problems you don't put at risk any assets.

Getting Your Repayments Guaranteed

If your lender knows that you have someone who will step in and make your repayments when you are suddenly unable to then they see less risk in lending to you. That said lenders are obliged to make sure that you will be able to afford the repayments so expect them to ask for evidence of your income and also your outgoings. If you don't make your repayments it will affect your credit rating - what you need to be doing is making your repayments in full and on time so you actually rebuild your credit rating. Don't borrow what you cannot afford to repay.

The person who backs you and has to co-sign the loan agreement with you is commonly know as a guarantor. You might find these web pages helpful:

If you don't like the idea of having someone guarantee your loan - and not everyone does - then it's worth asking if there are other ways to get a loan if you have a poor credit rating. We do have some other bad credit personal loan lenders who don't require a guarantor but they charge much higher interest rates.

You might like to look at these types of secured loans (i.e. where you offer an asset as security rather than offer a guarantor):

  • Homeowner loans - but you must own you house, have a mortgage and have equity in the property
  • Logbook loans - where you borrow against the value of your car

But keep in mind that failure to keep up repayments could mean you lose the asset you've secured loan loan on.

* the lenders will check your credit file to verify your identity and to ensure you are not bankrupt or involved in an IVA. This search will be registered on your credit file. However, many guarantor loan lenders will not use the other information in your credit file to credit score you, or if they do credit score you this will not necessarily impact you since you provide a guarantor. Borrowing is always subject to affordability checks.

Bad Credit & Scoring

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