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No Credit Check*

  • Borrow £100 - £15000
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Loans up to £15,000

Our policy has always been to provide a wide range of lenders so that we can maximise the range of loan values available to our visitors. We're glad to say that our panel is such that we have no credit check loans* ranging from £500 to £15,000. The values cover most eventualities for most people.

So, if you have had credit problems but want to get back on the road to credit recovery then we probably have the unsecured loan that you need.

How much to borrow?

  • We're able to offer loans from £500 to £15000
  • A wide range of lenders means a wide range of loans
  • Bad credit ratings a speciality
  • No credit checks* needed for in principle lending decisions

What is meant by No Credit Check?

When you apply for a loan the lender will want to find out at least two important things about you:

  • Are you who you say you are, and do you live where you say you live?
  • Are you likely to repay the loan? Do you have a good record of handling credit in the past?

To do this they refer to your credit file / credit history that sits with one or more of the UK's three credit reference agencies. The action of looking at your credit file is typically called a credit check. Sometimes a lender may use its own rules to turn the contents of your credit file into a credit score, and then use that to say yes/no to a loan application.

If you know you have a poor credit history then there will be part of you that doesn't want a lender to do a credit check knowing that it will probably lead to rejection. So you go to a search engine and search for "no credit check loans". You hope that somewhere there is a lender who won't want to answer these questions. But this isn't going to be the case!

Whether you want to borrow £500, £5000 or £15,000 all lenders will need to prevent fraud, and will want to limit their risk. Your identity needs to be checked.

The key thing with a no credit check loan is that while you will be checked for identity purposes the contents of your credit file won't be used to judge your credit health - just so long as you provide a guarantor. more info

* the lenders will check your credit file to verify your identity and to ensure you are not bankrupt or involved in an IVA. This search will be registered on your credit file. However, many guarantor loan lenders will not use the other information in your credit file to credit score you, or if they do credit score you this will not necessarily impact you since you provide a guarantor. Borrowing is always subject to affordability checks.

Bad Credit & Scoring

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