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Guarantor Loans

  • Apply for £100 - £15000
  • Credit Problems OK
  • Non-Homeowner Guarantors accepted
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Guarantor Loans for Bad Credit Histories

With Banks and Building Societies rejecting so many applicants because they don't have perfect credit it is good to know that there is another unsecured loan option to consider - the bad credit guarantor loan. A bad credit history might usually mean rejection, but if you can provide an acceptable guarantor then we have a number of lenders who might be able to help.

Our no fee service will help you find the poor credit loan you need - and at a reasonable APR%.

A Guarantor Loan because:

  • Credit problems need not be a problem
  • Less reliance on credit scoring
  • CCJs, Defaults & Arrears OK
  • Improve your credit score by repaying your loan
  • Rates lower because you provide a guarantor

How a Loan with a Guarantor Could Help

Many lenders will view a bad credit history as too risky - even if the credit problem was out of your control. However, if you can get a close friend or family member to back you then then there are lenders who will trust their judgement and thus will lend to you. You won't be judged on the basis of your credit rating.

The loan agreement is also co-signed by the guarantor who agrees to step in if you, as the borrower, have a problem making the monthly payment. From a lender's point of view that alleviates the risk - but it would mean that your relationship with your guarantor would be more tricky. Something to keep in mind. But so long as you make your repayments on time you get the loan you need, the lender can lend safely and you get to borrow at a lower rate than you otherwise could. And your credit rating will improve, meaning you may be able to borrow more cheaply in the future.

Bad Credit Guarantor Loans to £15,000

Over the years the largest size of guarantor loan has increased as more lenders have joined the market. The largest loan you can apply for depends on whether your guarantor is a homeowner or a non-homeowner:

  • Guarantor a homeowner - apply for up to £15,000
  • Guarantor a non-homeowner - apply for up to £7,500
When you use our free matching service you specify which type of guarantor you think you will provide and then we'll make sure only the relevant lenders can review your enquiry. You'll then get an instant in-principle decision - typically our applicants receive four loan offers.

Low APR & Low Interest Rate Loans

There are poor credit unsecured loans where the APR is in the region of 70+%. While these loans don't need a guarantor the APR is not the lowest! By providing a guarantor you will get access to a relatively low APR bad credit loan. The representative APR is 39.9%.
We do have some lenders whose lowest rate is c.29% APR, but the rate offered will depend on such things as:
  • The loan amount
  • Your guarantor, in particular whether they are a homeowner or a non-homeowner
  • Your credit score (some lenders use this risk assessment technique)

Fast Bad Credit Loans with an Instant Decision 

Our lenders have invested heavily in providing a smooth, online customer journey - and so have we. We've worked with our lenders to produce a fast, seamless experience to help you get your guarantor loan as quickly as possible. When you complete our quick enquiry form we'll pass your enquiry to the most appropriate lenders and within 60 seconds we'll give you the lenders' instant decisions. You'll know which lenders say they can lend in principle. You then choose which to borrow from - click through from our website to theirs to complete the deal.

The majority of our lenders are able to process enquiries the same day so long as you are able to provide an acceptable guarantor. It is not uncommon for our applicants to get their loan paid out the same day.

Personal Loans for a Bad Credit History

The great thing about a guarantor loan is that it is a true unsecured loan - that's to say a personal loan of the type offered by banks, building societies and even supermarkets. It's just that this type of personal loan is for bad credit situations. And in the UK there are millions of people in the same situation as you.

Small Short Term Loans with Poor Credit

The typical guarantor loan is £3,000 to £4,000. But we do have access to small, short term guarantor loans - loans as small as £100. The principle is the same as with the larger loans, but the APR is higher owing to the nature of the loan and the faster repayment required. However, it still compares well to payday loans and instalment loans. The short term nature of these loans means that they must be repaid within 6 to 24 months.

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