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Doorstep Loans

  • Cash sums up to £2500 (subject to affordability)
  • Repay over 13 - 104 wks
  • Fixed weekly payments
  • Friendly home service
  • No bank account needed
  • Multiple loan options

Lenders & Companies Like Provident

Doorstep loans (otherwise known as home credit) are available from lenders on a local, regional or national UK basis. So, regardless of where you live in the UK you should have a choice of lenders.

We've listed below some of those lenders who offer loans in the UK's largest cities. It is always worthwhile obtaining alternative quotes. We would encourage you to get quotes from our chosen partners who operate right across the UK:

Our Doorstep Lenders:

  • Can provide cash loans from £100 to £2500
  • Accept repayments over 13 to 104 weeks
  • Offer low, manageable weekly payments
  • Have agents available UK-wide
  • Can provide quotes for you at no charge and with no obligation

List of Doorstep Lenders in the UK

If you can't find your town listed below then another option is to use the website listed beneath the list. Simply pop in your postcode and see which companies are listed for you.

As we mention at the top we would strongly recommend that you get competitive quotes from our lenders. They have the resources to ensure a high quality customer service (they've both been around for 100+ years) while being able to provide the same local service you need.

Lender Town/City
Incubus Finance Ltd Bristol
Rogerstan Finance Ltd Cardiff
Times Finance Company Plymouth
Muirhead Financial Services Plymouth
Eugene Lamb Birmingham
Estone Personal Credit Birmingham
Homepride Finance Ltd Birmingham
Lesley Ann Birmingham
Easy Pay Midlands Ltd Birmingham
Swann Supply Manchester
Eccles Finance Manchester
Unamay Loan Finance Manchester
Diamond Financial Services Sheffield
Hoyle Direct Loans Bradford
RG & RP Logan Bradford
Ideal Credit & Loans Bradford
Conduit Newcastle
Hays Credit LLP Newcastle
Pinewood Finance Company Dagenham
Speedy Cash Croydon

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