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Bad Credit Car Finance

If you need a new vehicle but your credit rating isn't perfect don't worry. Our partner specialises in finding bad credit car finance solutions for situations just like yours.

And there are more products than ever catering for problem credit histories.

So, while you may need to pay a bit extra for it we're pretty sure that they'll be able to find you some choices.

As with all finance any credit provided is subject to an affordability test.

Bad Credit Car Leases & HP:

As with other forms of credit we have access to car finance catering for all credit ratings:

Poor Credit PCP Leasing and Contract Hire

Your credit history will influence the "price" of the finance you want - the better your rating the lower the effective interest rate. A bad credit history should not simply preclude you from getting finance full stop. However, you will need to demonstrate that the monthly payments are affordable - i.e. that you can accommodate those payments within your monthly budget without putting your personal finances at risk.

After a mortgage a car finance agreement is probably going to be the next largest financial commitment you ever make. So you should expect the finance company to be at great pains to ensure that providing credit to you is not going to put you into financial hardship.

Also, in the initial aftermath of getting your car credit you should expect your rating to take a hit - because of the scale of the borrowing. It may make it harder to get other forms of credit for a while. However, as you successfully cover the monthly fees your rating should actually improve.

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No matter where you live in the UK our partner should be able to help:

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Leicester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough, Brighton or Bournemouth.

and all other cities, towns and villages.

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Questions About Car Finance for Bad Credit

Can I get car finance with a bad credit history?

The short answer is that there are plenty of lenders in the market who in principle can cater for customers with a poor credit history. Our specialist partner can help you identify them.

Credit is usually "priced to risk" meaning that the poorer your rating the more expensive the credit is likely to be. The lenders will work with you to identify a contract hire, lease or PCP arrangement that is affordable, but if they don't believe any plan is affordable they'll let you know this.

Is bad credit car finance with a guarantor available?

Some lenders are able to package up their credit in such a way that a guarantor will help your application. Another option to consider is an unsecured loan backed by a guarantor - in this situation you would arrange the loan through one of our lenders and then purchase your vehicle separately. This wouldn't be considered car finance as such because the provision of car and finance is not directly linked.

What PCP deals are available if I have a bad credit history?

The only way to find out what options are available to you is to contact our partner to discuss your requirements. They will help to shape options that fit your needs and help you make sure they are affordable.

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