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forgotten lost pensions

Forgotten Pensions – how to trace what you’ve forgotten you had

Recent statistics on Britons’ retirement savings have made for...

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claim your refunds

You could be due £000s of refunds. Have you claimed yet?

Life is expensive these days. So, if there is...

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BrightHouse rent to own

How will consumers benefit from the cap on rent-to-own lenders?

The UK rent-to-own sector is currently undergoing quite a...

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how to discuss money

Top 14 tips for discussing money with your partner

Money is one of the main reasons that couples...

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Consumer rights legislation

Key consumer rights legislation that protects you

In the UK there is a fairly comprehensive consumer...

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Consumer Credit Act

A layman’s guide to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006)

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 is designed to give...

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Annual Percentage Rate

All about Annual Percentage Rate / APR%

At first glance, interest rates seem like they should...

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cashless payments

What does the recent failure of VISA’s card payment system tell us?

On 2nd June 2018, millions of people across Europe...

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acting as a rental property guarantor

All you need to know about acting as a rental property guarantor

The cost of renting in the UK is increasing...

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rent to own washing machine

FCA clamps down on high street “Rent to Own” shops

High interest borrowing has been the subject of a...

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