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Money & Finance
How to claim Marriage Tax Allowance to get another £230 per year

If you are married, don't pay tax and your spouse only pays standard rate tax then you could claim up to £230 per year! And you can claim for prior years if yo...

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Alex Hartley 15th May, 2018
The top 10 pieces of money advice every young person should know

Schools don't teach money management - we all muddle through and work it our for ourselves. How better prepared would we be if someone had sat us down and guide...

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Amanda Gillam 7th May, 2018
All you need to know about the Lifetime ISA (LISA)

If you are aged 18 to 40 you can open a Lifetime ISA savings plan to help you save for your first property of plan for your retirement.The Government will at 25...

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Alex Hartley 30th April, 2018
7 low cost collectibles that could make a future fortune!

GIven enough time you could turn a collection of modestly-priced items into a proper investment worth thousands. Comics, stamps, old tech, coins, toys, etc coul...

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Amanda Gillam 23rd April, 2018
The psychology of money in our pursuit of happiness

Pink Floyd said money is the root of all evil today. To be truly happy you need enough money and no more. Insufficient money has obvious consequences and pursui...

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Alex Hartley 20th April, 2018
What happens if you get into loan repayment arrears?

Lenders will always assess loan affordability before allowing someone credit. However, life takes turns and sometimes what was affordable becomes unaffordable. ...

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Alex Hartley 16th April, 2018
How lenders judge loan repayment affordability and why this is important to you

Did you know that "loan affordability" is now a critical test when you apply for credit? It's just as important as your credit score. You have to pass both test...

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Alex Hartley 11th April, 2018
All you need to know about the NS&I (National Savings & Investments)

For a super-safe place to keep your savings the NS&I can't be beaten. After all it the state-run savings bank backed by the Government and raising money for the...

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Amanda Gillam 26th March, 2018
How to protect yourself from pensions scams

You have more freedom now than ever when it comes to choosing how to invest ready for your retirement. And at 55 you can release cash from your pension for othe...

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Amanda Gillam 21st March, 2018
Why should you save using an ISA?

In a world of low interest rates does the ISA (individual savings account) still have a role? Rates are so low that it can sometimes be better to put your spare...

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Alex Hartley 14th March, 2018
When and how to use the Small Claims Court

Disagreements occur all the time between parties. So the key is to find the way to resolve them. Sometimes you may feel that you need "to go legal". And there i...

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Alex Hartley 9th March, 2018
If you feel financially excluded what can you do about it?

Nearly 2m people in the UK don't have a bank account. Others have poor knowledge of financial products and how to manage credit. Millions more have virtually no...

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Alex Hartley 5th March, 2018


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