Income & Work

Income & Work
Do you recognise these key trends in the UK workforce?

There have been major shifts in the UK in the way people work and who's doing the work. If you want to know more, then read on......

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Alex Hartley 25th June, 2017
How does the state pension work and what is the ‘triple lock’?

What are the rules about the state pension? Who gets what and when, and how is the value of the pension protected? What is the "triple lock"?...

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Oliver Jones 22nd June, 2017
Which jobs make us the most satisfied and happy?

Ideally you don't just work for the money - you get some other job satisfaction too. But which jobs provide the most satisfaction and which the least?...

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Alex Hartley 4th June, 2017
Could you benefit from the UK’s Black Economy?

The UK's no questions asked, cash economy represents about 10% of the total economy. Do you think you could benefit by becoming part of it? Are you already?...

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Alex Hartley 22nd May, 2017
How to protect your pension if you are a stay at home parent

If you are in charge of running the household you still need to plan your retirement and ensure you have a sufficient pension. Here are some pension options...

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Alex Hartley 4th May, 2017
Is being self-employed the new 9 to 5?

Shifting employment patterns mean that 15% of the UK workforce is self-employed. But would being self-employed work for you? Our view on the pros & cons....

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Alex Hartley 10th April, 2017
What Sick Pay are you entitled to?

Illness affects everyone and that can impact on your work and employment. What protection do you have even if you are self-employed?...

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Alex Hartley 8th April, 2017
The pros and cons of working under a Zero Hours contract

Zero hours contracts are a way or working that is becoming much more commonplace but if offered one should you accept it? What are the pros and cons?...

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Alex Hartley 17th March, 2017
How to get an income as a stay-at-home parent

Even if you are based at home looking after the family it's really important to have your own income. Here's how to stay financially independent....

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Oliver Jones 6th March, 2017
What are the prospects of retirement for those aged under 50?

Future retirement is not going to be the retirement we see today. We take a look at how things will change and encourage you to plan for your future....

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Alex Hartley 4th March, 2017
What’s going to happen to the UK jobs market in 2017?

UK employment has been bouyant. But forecasts suggest Brexit, rising inflation, rising interest rates and consumer debt could weaken the UK jobs market....

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Oliver Jones 2nd March, 2017
How to earn more from your employment

To maximise your earned income you need a plan. You need to actively pursue a higher salary rather than waiting for it happen. Here's how to take control....

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Alex Hartley 26th February, 2017


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