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graduating from university

Survey: Is University Worth It?

It’s well known that with the introduction of university...

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Looking rich on Tinder

How much more attractive can money make you?

Does money make someone more attractive? It’s an age...

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financial well-being

The psychology of money in our pursuit of happiness

Does money make us happy? The obvious answer to...

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How our emotions affect our spending

How our feelings affect the way we spend

Are you an emotional spender? Most of us would...

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New Year Sales

How to max out your savings in the New Year Sales

There seem to be more retail sales than you...

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personal relationships and personal finances

Why a bad credit rating could damage your personal relationships

According to a 2016 NerdWallet survey, almost 50% of...

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shopping additions

Top 5 ways to break a shopping addiction

We often joke about being addicted to shopping or...

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your needs and happiness

Focus on your needs and not your wants

Keeping up with the Joneses; casting envious eyes at...

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london fashion week

Where to shop for the London Fashion Week look

London Fashion Week #LFW is about to hit the capital...

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cheap fashion clothes

Why cheap fashion may be a false economy

The global apparel market is valued at £3 trillion....

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