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Amanda Gillam is Solution Loans's General Manager and has been since 2009. She is also a prolific writer on personal finance issues, and has been quoted numerous times in articles published on 3rd party websites and in press releases. Her interest in the world of money, and more importantly how people manage it, goes right back to 2002. She joined Solution Loans in 2005. She gets great satisfaction helping people to keep up to date with developments. If there is a subject you'd like her or her team to write about then contact her through the Solution Loans website.

Most People don’t have an Emergency Fund!

Our survey shows that 10% of the UK population have no savings to cover an emergency. 60% of us have less than £1000! Here's how to seal with the problem....

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Amanda Gillam 7th January, 2019
The Impact of Brexit on UK Expats

The worst case for UK expats in the EU is if the EU leaves the EU on the basis of "no deal". Even with a deal the future is less rosy than it is today....

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Amanda Gillam 31st December, 2018
The world of work is changing, but is the Financial Services industry?

The UK workforce is moving towards a much more flexible model, but financial services are lagging behind. This is leading to problems getting credit of all form...

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Amanda Gillam 24th December, 2018
How to legally minimise your inheritance tax

A growing proportion of estates are triggering inheritance tax (at 40%). But much of the risk can be avoided with some judicious planning and preparation....

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Amanda Gillam 17th December, 2018
Why the UK should remain in the EU

The key facts you need to help you decide on the UK's membership of the EU. Are things quite the way you imagined? Read the facts to help your decision....

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Amanda Gillam 6th December, 2018
Getting compensation following recent Bank IT problems

Have you been locked out of your bank account by IT issues? Then you may be due some compensation. Here's how to go about getting what you deserve....

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Amanda Gillam 29th November, 2018
Data Shows Debt Prone Millennials Have Poor Grasp of Financial Basics

Our survey reveals that Millennials are not only the most indebted but also have the poorest grasp of fundamental financial knowledge and skills....

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Amanda Gillam 21st November, 2018
The real life consequences of being made bankrupt

If you aren't able to pay your debts you could become or be made bankrupt. It may clean your slate but there are lots of other downsides to be aware of....

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Amanda Gillam 15th November, 2018
The Problem of Personal Fraud in the UK

A freedom of information request by Solution Loans to UK Police forces shows Millennials are proportionately more likely to become victims of fraud & scams....

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Amanda Gillam 6th November, 2018
What does this week’s Budget mean for you?

Is this week's Budget a turning point for the UK Government? It is clearly very political, but it could be blown out of the water if we have a Hard Brexit....

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Amanda Gillam 30th October, 2018
Debt Relief Orders: What they are & how to use one

Millions of people are struggling with their debts. If you are one of them you may be interested to learn about the Debt Relief Order. It could help you....

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Amanda Gillam 25th October, 2018
Are you in “persistent credit card debt” like 6.3 million others in the UK?

If you have credit card debt and are making only the minimum monthly payment then you should welcome the rule changes the FCA is bringing in to help you....

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Amanda Gillam 18th October, 2018


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