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Month : April 2018

collectibles as investment

7 low cost collectibles that could make a future fortune!

It is the dream for any hoarder – all...

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financial well-being

The psychology of money in our pursuit of happiness

Does money make us happy? The obvious answer to...

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cosmetic surgery

How to stay safe and spend wisely if considering cosmetic surgery

According to data from the British Association of Aesthetic...

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repayment arrears

What happens if you get into loan repayment arrears?

A 2017 survey carried out by the Bank of...

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finding your next job

How to find your next job in a rapidly interconnecting world

As of December 2017, UK employment figures had dropped...

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judge loan affordability

How lenders judge loan repayment affordability and why this is important to you

There are many factors involved in being approved for...

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consumer spending

Brits attitudes towards spending now on big ticket items

According to the Chancellor Phillip Hammond, the UK economy...

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close the gender pay gap

How to close the gender pay gap if you discover discrimination

The gender pay gap is currently a very hot...

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the cars of the future

What type of cars should we buy, now and over the next decade?

The automobile industry has undergone a dramatic shift in...

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make money from exercising

How exercising can make you money – the apps that turn pounds into pounds!

Exercise is (usually) a good idea. It can help...

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