Month : December 2018

effect of brexit on uk expats

The Impact of Brexit on UK Expats

Currently, around a million Britons live and work in...

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rented property licencing

Discrimation against people on benefits

“No DSS” used to be an addition to adverts...

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changing world of work

The world of work is changing, but is the Financial Services industry?

We don’t work like we used to. Jobs for...

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debt breathing space

Update: The Proposed Debt Breathing Space

Debt is an issue for a lot of us...

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reduce inheritance tax

How to legally minimise your inheritance tax

In 2017, £5 billion was paid in inheritance tax....

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zero percentage loans

UK Government to explore option of providing zero percent loans

There were many measures announced in the 2018 Budget...

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costly bank overdrafts

All about Bank Overdrafts – the good, the bad and the ugly

More than 2 million people in the UK are...

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UK leaving the EU

Why the UK should remain in the EU

There has always been lots of emotion surrounding the...

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ask for free advice when you need it

Where to get free financial advice

Whether you are struggling with debts, or just looking...

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