Month : January 2018

house price growth

How’s 2018 looking for house price movements in your area?

For anyone trying to buy – or sell –...

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your credit file

Credit file vs credit score – what’s the difference?

“Credit file” (or “credit report”) and “credit score” are...

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credit reference agencies

How do Credit Reference Agencies work?

Credit reference agencies, such as Experian, have come to...

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Being a guarantor for friend or family member

What are your responsibilities as a guarantor for a loan?

For someone without a great credit score, finding a...

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bad credit loans

What types of credit may still be available if you have a bad credit history?

If you’re looking to borrow, bad credit can be...

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PCP car deals

An unpleasant surprise is awaiting people on PCP car finance deals!

Personal Contract Plan (PCP) car finance deals are one...

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what it means to be a guarantor for a loan

Who can be my guarantor for a loan?

There are many ways to borrow these days and...

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banks squeezing consumer credit

What causes someone to have a bad credit rating, and what can they do to fix it?

If you’ve applied for credit and been unexpectedly rejected...

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Open banking is arriving in the UK

“Open Banking” is coming your way but what does it mean?

Open Banking has been causing ripples, both across the...

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Blue Monday in January

Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year!

Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January,...

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