Month : September 2016

student bank accounts

How to choose the best student bank account

As a student, financially you may have both the...

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multi car insurance

Young driver? How to avoid sky-high car insurance costs

Young drivers under the age of 25 are more...

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parking tickets fines

How to fight unfair private parking tickets

Not all parking fines are equal – some are...

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have a bad credit history?

When interest rates are low does it make sense to save?

These are lean times if you are a saver...

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mortgage overpayments

With low rates should I make mortgage overpayments?

Just when we thought interest rates couldn’t get any...

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cheap fashion clothes

Why cheap fashion may be a false economy

The global apparel market is valued at £3 trillion....

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back to school playground

Back to School money saving tips

September can be an expensive time of year for...

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pay rise

How to negotiate a pay rise

Few of us like asking for a pay rise...

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