Month : September 2016

travel around the UK

How to travel around the UK cheaply

If you don’t have a car, travel can be...

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Move from dumb to smart energy meters

How to move from a prepayment meter

UK energy suppliers tend to see a gas and...

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rights of student working part time

What are your legal rights as a tenant?

There has been plenty of publicity in recent times...

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car share

How to car share to save you over £1000 annually

Saving money on transport costs is big news in...

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quick loans

Quick safe ways to borrow over the short term

If you need a safe way to get a...

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facebook webste

How to make money on Facebook – the new eBay

When it comes to selling your unwanted stuff, eBay...

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payday loan industry

How the payday loan industry cleaned up its act

The recent headline in the payday loan industry has...

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P2P finance borrowing & saving

P2P finance – tips for savers and borrowers

Financial services in the UK are undergoing their largest...

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How to cope with redundancy and get back on your feet fast

Losing your job can feel like a catastrophe. Being...

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your needs and happiness

Focus on your needs and not your wants

Keeping up with the Joneses; casting envious eyes at...

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