Month : July 2016

Fast food - the facts

How Much Do We Spend on Fast Food? The Shocking Truth

Fast food dates back to the 1950s when the...

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Wasting Money

Top 10 ways you are Wasting Money

Being financially better off requires a combination of two...

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Young person borrowing money

A Young Person’s Guide to Borrowing Money

If you are a student or a young person...

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Cheap flights

The best ways to bag cheap flights

If you’re travelling abroad your for holiday in 2016...

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low cost wedding

How to get married the low cost way

Wedding budgets can be a significant source of angst...

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Your credit file

10 things to look out for on your credit file

Hundreds of thousands are people in the UK are...

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Ways to save money

How to budget and live within your means

Financial enslavement is corrosive and toxic. Left too long,...

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Saving money

Why are Some People better at Saving Money?

Saving money isn’t particularly rock n roll. It’s not...

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Enjoy summer low cost

6 ways to enjoy your time off when you can’t afford a summer holiday

“We’re all going on a summer holiday,” Cliff Richard...

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Plan for your retirement now

Plan for your retirement now – it’s more important than ever

We are all living longer and are more active...

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