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Cheap Low Interest Loans

Which cheap loan suits you best depends on what type of finance you are looking for and your personal circumstances.

While we can't advise you we can help narrow down your low interest loan options. Bad credit doesn't have to mean extortionate interest rates, but you do need to take care which loan you choose. And as with all credit regardless of your credit status the usual rules apply:

  • borrow only what you need
  • repay it as fast as you can
  • be careful about securing your loan

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Low Interest Bad Credit Loans

Lenders set a loan's interest rate to reflect the risk of lending. They typically assess the risk by looking at an applicant's credit history and calculating a credit score. The lender can use this score to either:

  • simply decide to lend or not to lend, or...
  • calculate a tailored APR% for the applicant to reflect their specific credit history.

So, some lenders offer bad credit loans at a single APR% but might decide not to lend, while others may be more flexible about lending but adjust the rate accordingly.

We work with numerous lenders to ensure we almost certainly have a choice of options that would suit you:

  • Short term loans of up to £1000 - £2000
  • Larger unsecured loans where you could apply for £500 to £15,000 - £25,000
  • Specialist car finance
  • A variety of loans that are either secured on your home or car to help keep interest rates down

Keep Your Loan Repayments Affordable

It's really important that when you are considering to borrow that you look at your potential loan repayments in the context of your household or personal budget. Lenders certain will - they are obliged to. So you should expect any lender to request information to allow them to assess a loans affordability.

You may be tempted to extend the period of a loan to make the monthly repayments affordable but you must understand that this could mean you ultimately pay much more interest for the loan over its lifetime. Do you really want to do this?

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