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Any Purpose Loans

  • Loans: £100 to £75k+
  • Tenants & Homeowners
  • Poor Credit Alternatives
  • Unsecured & Secured
  • Options inc. no guarantors
  • Help improve your creditworthiness

Any Purpose Loans for a Bad Credit Rating

Whether you need cash for one of life's emergencies or a large loan for a more positive reason we're sure that you'll find a bad credit loan for that purpose.

We cover numerous lenders with numerous types of loan so we're almost certain that there will be one that suits your requirement.

Use our Find Loan tool to narrow down your options, or use the links below to jump straight to a loan that you think looks interesting.

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How to Choose Your Any Purpose Loan

The type of loan that you need will depend on the amount you want to borrow, how long you want to borrow it for, your credit status and whether you have any assets you could secure your loan on if you needed to.

A good place to start is to use our loan option tool. While we can't give you advice, because we don't know all your personal circumstances, what the tool can do is eliminate certain options leaving you with others that may be worth considering. In just 4 quick questions and less than 30 seconds you'll see a tailored list of ideas and can then explore each in more depth.

Some of these loan options will suit a bad credit rating more than others. Some of these are unsecured loans while others are secured on an asset of some kind (a house, a car or some jewellery for instance).

Bad Credit Loans

Your credit rating and credit score will largely determine what loan options are available for you. If credit is available then it will cost more than if you had good credit.

Unsecured Loans

  • no assets put at risk
  • Maximum loan is £25,000 unless reduced due to bad credit history
  • Maximum loan term is generally 5 years
  • Fast to organise and payout
  • Small cash loan are unsecured
  • Some types require a guarantor

Secured Loans (e.g. homeowner loans/logbook loans)

  • Larger values over longer time scales than using an unsecured loan
  • Loan secured on an asset that is then at risk should you not make repayments on time
  • Take longer to arrange than an unsecured loan


Bad Credit & Credit Scores

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