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Payday Loans

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Small Cash Loans

Emergency Money when you need it

Payday loans can be an incredibly easy and effective way to cover a short term gap in your finances. This type of small loan is available when you need to borrow up to £1,000 for any purpose, but is best suited to those situations that tend to take you by surprise. Payday loans are available quickly – there are some types of payday loans wihere the application process is so fast that you can have the cash paid into your account within the hour! This is why this type of loan is so well suited to emergencies and urgent situations that require quick action.

So, what type of scenarios suit a small payday loans? Well you might find yourself with an emergency invoice – for example, a plumber’s bill if you’ve had a flood, or the need to pay a locksmith if you’ve locked yourself out. If you don’t quite have the finances to meet the payment now – but you will when you get paid at the end of the month – then payday loans are the perfect way to cover that gap for the next few weeks until you get paid. You might also find yourself paying out for something that you’ll later claim back on insurance, for example – again, payday loans are ideal for this situation as they can provide the finance cover until either your wages or the insurance payment comes in. Just remember that payday loans are only designed to be borrowed for a short period of time and they are available for amounts up to £1,000 – as long as you don’t need to borrow more than that and you know you can cover the repayment then they could be just right.

Need more than £1000?

Of course if you need to borrow more than £1,000 and you will need longer to repay then – although payday loans might not be suitable – there are plenty of other options. You might not be able to get finance quite as quickly if you’re applying for a loan for a larger amount but you can lower your costs with a different type of loan and give yourself less stressful options when it comes to repayment time too. Here are two examples.

  1. Instalment loans – this is another type of cash loan that is an alternative to a payday loan. You can borrow up to £2,000 with instalment loans and you can choose repayment dates that suit you, with the option of repaying over a maximum of two years. If you borrow the cash and then decide you want to repay it early then that’s easy to do – this is flexible finance at its best.
  2. Small guarantor loans – if you’re looking to borrow up to £750 and you don’t have the best credit record then small guarantor loans might be the perfect option for you. You can choose repayment of between six and 24 months and you can get a same day cash payout with this type of loan. All you need is someone willing to guarantee your borrowing.

These are just two examples of other types of small loans available – there are many other alternatives to payday loans. Discover your options with our QuickStart tool.

About Payday Loans

Representative Example

Loan Amount


Actual Interest Rate

24% (vrbl)

Loan Term

30 days

Total Repayment


Representative APR


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1 Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £1000.

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