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Guarantor Loans

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Short Term Loans to £750

An alternative to a payday or instalment loan

If you have been considering a payday loan or an instalment loan to cover you for an unexpected expense or a "budget blip" then a short term guarantor loan is another alternative. In the case of both payday and instalment loans lenders have had to radically change their business models and they are now much more risk averse with their lending. The cost of a short term guarantor loan is similar to instalment loans, but because you provide a guarantor our lender may be more prepared to consider your application if you have had credit problems.

Compare Costs

These are the total repayment costs of alternative loans when borrowing £500 for 6 months at representative APRs:

  • Short term guarantor loan - £874
  • Instalment loan - c.£850 - £1000
  • Payday loan - you cannot borrow for more than 1 month (if you rollover these loans the cost rises astronomically)

As with all credit the quicker you can repay a loan the lower the amount of interest you will pay overall. This may mean that repayments are higher, but you'll have to make far fewer of them. So the speed you can repay will depend on how much you can afford to repay each month.

Guarantor Loans £100 to £750

Consider as an alternative to a payday or instalment loan.

  • Small cash loans for a short period of time - 6, 9, 12 or 24 months
  • Borrow £100 to £750
  • Agree repayment terms, but you can repay early to reduce interest costs
  • Possible to get your cash the same day
  • Instant decision given
  • You guarantor can be a non-homeowner (or a homeowner).
  • Representative APR 347% (12 month loan)
  • There are no fees to pay to us or to the lender - the deal you get by going through us will be the same as if you went direct.

Finding Your Guarantor

Unlike larger guarantor loans these smaller and shorter term loans do not require you to find a homeowner as your guarantor. This widens your potential pool of guarantors considerably.

So, who could be your guarantor? They are likely to be:

  • a family member (grand parent, parent, aunt/uncle, brother/sister, etc.)
  • a close friend
  • a work colleague

Your guarantor will be someone who knows you well and who feels they can trust you to repay your loan in full and on time - obviously they don't want to have to repay some or all of your loan, and you don't want to damage your relationship with them.

Your guarantor needs to meet certain criteria. They need to:

  • be a UK resident aged 21+
  • have a good credit rating (i.e. they haven't had trouble paying their bills)
  • receive a minimum income of £800 per month

And remember, they do not need to own their home. But if you think you may have trouble finding a guarantor other small cash loans are available - check out our Quick Start tool for new options.

Questions about Short Term Guarantor Loans

What are short term guarantor loans?

These are a form of instalment loan where you borrow a relatively small sum of money and repay it over a fixed period of time - 6, 9, 12 or 24 months. Because you provide a guarantor the lender is more likely to consider your application if you have credit history problems than a standard instalment lender. The cost of your loan is likely to be no greater than a standard instalment loans. And these loans don't come with any of the draw backs of a payday loan.

What is the application process?

Complete our quick enquiry form. We'll instantly tell you if our lender has accepted you in principle for a short term loan. We provide a link to their form where you complete your application. Our lender then sends you a PIN that you pass to your guarantor for them to add their details. Once all the details are received they are checked by the lender. This may sound like a lengthy process but in reality it can take just a few minutes if you have sorted out your guarantor in advance.

How do I convince someone to be my guarantor?

The first thing to do is to list those who could help you - it's a good idea to have a few names ready. Anyone you talk to will want to be convinced that you are able to repay your loan so be prepared to discuss this. If you can convince them you can then you should have no trouble getting them to guarantee your loan.

How our lender pays out your loan

To prevent identity fraud being committed against the guarantor our lender pays out the loan to them so that they can pass it on to you.

What are the criteria to be able to get a loan?

The basic criteria are as follows. You need to:

  • be aged 18 or older
  • be a UK resident
  • not be bankrupt or on an IVA
  • have a valid debit card
  • be able to demonstrate you can afford the loan repayments (affordability check)
Tell me about credit checking

It is important that when our lender considers paying out a loan that they know that the applicant is who they say they are and that they are not restricted from borrowing by being currently bankrupt or on an IVA. So, all applicants (and guarantors) are credit checked. However, this does not mean that if you have a bad credit history that you will necessarily be refused credit. If you have an acceptable guarantor and can show you can afford the loan repayments then our lender is likely to provide the cash you need. As you provide a guarantor the decision to lend depends less on your credit score.

Are there any application fees or other charges?

Our lender does not charge any additional fees to arrange your loan. The only payments they will ever require are your standard monthly repayments.

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