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Guarantor Loans

  • Apply for £100 - £15000
  • Credit Problems OK
  • Non-Homeowner Guarantors accepted
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How Guarantor Loans Work

Beat your credit problem - ignore your credit score

The basic idea of a guarantor loan is simple - if you want lenders to ignore a historical credit issue and give you access to an unsecured loan of up to £15,000 then you need to provide an acceptable guarantor. This is someone who trusts you to repay your loan but could step in and help you out if you had a problem meeting a repayment.

Why might you consider a Guarantor Loan?

If you want an unsecured loan but have a less than perfect credit history then you may have found that high street lenders are not interested in lending to you. It may seem particularly unfair when you have a perfectly decent income and could afford the repayments. Lenders' credit scoring methods mean they still see you as a risk!

What guarantor loans do is break the link between your credit past and your credit future. As less reliance is put on credit scoring (in most situations) whether or not you can borrow depends more on your ability to:

  • afford the monthly loan repayments
  • obtain an acceptable guarantor

So, think of the arrangement as swapping the impact of a credit score with the need to provide a guarantor.

You haven't heard of Guarantor Loans?

In fact these loans have been available for a decade or more. In that time tens of thousands of people have taken out a guarantor loan. With these loans they have not only overcome their credit problem, but where they have successfully repaid their loan they have also rebuilt their credit rating.

So, if you are one of the millions of people in the UK who have a poor credit history then a guarantor loan could help you. We work with 99% of all the UK's respected lenders and provide a free enquiry service so you can very quickly discover which guarantor loan lenders can help you.

Guarantor Loans: Step by Step

This is our suggested step by step approach to getting your guarantor loan (you may want to quickly use the Quick Start tool to check your loan options):

  1. Consider who you could ask to be your guarantor - see guidance in our FAQ
  2. Use our enquiry service to instantly identify lenders who will lend to you (in principle)
  3. From our results page click through to your chosen lenders to complete your application
  4. Add your guarantor's details (having first got their agreement!)
  5. Get final approval from the lender
  6. Get the loan paid out (achievable within 24 hours of your original enquiry)

About Guarantor Loans


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Loan Amount


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36 mnths

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