Money Minute - A 60-second snapshot of the UK Economy

What really happens in an economic minute? Is the UK flush with cash or does it need a bad credit loan? How much money does the UK make every 60 seconds? What's the average household income every minute compared to the highest-powered CEOs? It can't be too much in just a minute. Or can it? We crunched the numbers to create a 60-second snapshot of the UK Economy.

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How we did it

We got the egg timer ready and did our sums. We've got the figures of how much funding the police get, the totals going to the MOD and the NHS every minute of every day. And even what the NHS would be getting if the Brexit promises turned out to be true.

You'll know how many pounds of new car credit leaves our wallets every 60 seconds or how much student debt is being racked up, thank god for guarantor loans from the bank of Mum and Dad. We'll even tell you what our MPs are claiming in expenses and how many pounds are really being laundered in the UK.

A lot can happen in a minute. We used the sources on this page to give us a helping hand with our calculations.

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