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council house right to buy

Rules of Council House Right to Buy

Last year, the Government introduced a new Right to...

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Loan secured on your home

A guide to Secured Loans and how they work

Secured loans are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those...

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leasehold house

The dangers of buying a leasehold house

When you’re searching for a new home, you pretty...

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UK property market

UK Housing Market Forecast for 2017

House price rises slowed significantly during 2016 and experts...

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UK housing market

Prospects for the UK housing market in 2017

There’s a lot of negative talk about the UK...

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house more saleable

5 tips to make your house more saleable

If you’re selling your home then the goal is...

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help to buy scheme

With the impending closure of Help to Buy what are young people to do?

In a little over two months’ time, the Government’s...

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generation rent

The rise of Generation Rent and build-to-rent property

It is difficult to get away from the constant...

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rights of student working part time

What are your legal rights as a tenant?

There has been plenty of publicity in recent times...

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