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bank of mum and dad

The Bank of Mum & Dad – the UK’s 10th largest mortgage company!

With a continued squeeze on credit for people under...

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brexit house prices

How will Brexit affect personal loans and other family finances?

The ‘B’ word has been all over the media...

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employment and sickness benefits

What Sick Pay are you entitled to?

Sickness can be costly – if you work for...

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switch bank accounts

How to switch bank current accounts for a better deal

Recent research has suggested that the British are less...

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make a will

Why a Will is important and how to make one

Making a will is important and yet it’s thought...

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have a bad credit history?

When interest rates are low does it make sense to save?

These are lean times if you are a saver...

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mortgage overpayments

With low rates should I make mortgage overpayments?

Just when we thought interest rates couldn’t get any...

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get your pension planning right

How much pension should I save for retirement?

While the sums that you can plough into a...

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Personal finance budgeting post Brexit

How to budget following the Brexit vote

Whatever side of the vote you were on, when...

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Is 2016 the year of the personal loan?

At the end of 2015 the Bank of England...

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