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rent to own washing machine

FCA clamps down on high street “Rent to Own” shops

High interest borrowing has been the subject of a...

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low cost mortgages

Act now! The era of the very low mortgage rate is coming to an end

Mortgage opportunities have changed significantly since the start of...

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repayment arrears

What happens if you get into loan repayment arrears?

A 2017 survey carried out by the Bank of...

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saving with an ISA

Why should you save using an ISA?

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is designed to be...

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Consumer spending and consumer debt

Is consumer spending and debt getting out of control?

Debt is something that many of us have learned...

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Separation & Divorce financial issues

Key financial issues to consider if getting divorced or permanently separating

Separation, divorce and break ups are a very difficult...

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Solution Loans podcast

New “Money Matters” Podcast launched!

We’re big advocates or people improving their knowledge of...

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banks squeezing consumer credit

UK banks are planning a consumer credit squeeze

The Bank of England has revealed that banks in...

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universal credit replaces numerous government benefits schemes

All you need to know about Universal Credit and how it works

Universal Credit is a new kind of benefit being...

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survey of UK consumers' financial lives

What the recent FCA Financial Lives survey tells us about the UK population

The FCA Financial Lives survey is one of the...

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