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Summer holidays travel

Summer 2018 Holidays – Where to go and how to pay for it

Storm Eleanor, Storm Georgina, high winds and forecasts of...

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saving with an ISA

Why should you save using an ISA?

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is designed to be...

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eating out vs home cooking

Eating out vs. home cooking – The Great Food Debate continues

Food and eating habits can be a confusing business....

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small claims court

When and how to use the Small Claims Court

The ‘small claims court’ is not a court at...

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accessing your credit report

How to access your credit report

Your credit report has a lot of impact on...

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being financially excluded

If you feel financially excluded what can you do about it?

Financial exclusion has become a big problem in the...

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Family Spending Survey

60 years of the ONS Family Spending Survey – How Times Have Changed

2018 sees the Office for National Statistics (ONS) turn...

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equity release schemes

Equity Release reaches record levels in 2017

Equity release is a frequently discussed topic these days....

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unaffordable debt?

Are you taking on debt you can’t really afford?

“Alarming” increases in consumer debt have been much in...

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car finance on new cars

Car Finance – the worry of extra charges

Car finance is an enormously popular way to own...

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